“The whole experience with Drum Cafe from the planning through the spectacular facilitation at our event was incredible!”  – Siemens


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Drum Cafe offers an All-Inclusive, Transformational, Interactive Experience.

We offer empowerment programming through team building activities for groups and corporate events. Each person gets a hands-on opportunity to contribute to the positive work culture and success of their company or organization.

Drum Cafe has 20 offices worldwide and has been uniting groups around the world for almost 20 years.

Hailed as “the quickest way to bring people together,” Drum Cafe’s team building activities for groups and corporate events leverage the binding power of rhythm to align, engage and inspire.

Participants walk into the room to find an African Djembe drum on every chair and a high-performing team of musicians playing a drum-call. Attendees pick up a drum and do something they’ve possibly never done before. Within minutes, through specialized facilitation, their risk pays off and they are drumming together in perfect unison – each person an integral part of the rhythm of the whole.

Developed originally as a method to unite the multicultural workforce in the New South Africa, Drum Cafe specializes in team building activities for groups and corporate events. Our interactive experiences level the playing fields, enable communication and inspire collaboration.

As we experienced the power of a rhythm that works, the entire group becomes a unique, motivational force; empowering capability from within. Each person feels focused and energized.

“Just as rapid neuronal oscillations bind together different functional parts within the brain and nervous system, so rhythm binds together the individual nervous systems of a human community,” Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia.

Today, Drum Cafe is a global leader in team building activities for groups and corporate events. Our clients consider our program a useful business tool. Drum Cafe’s Interactive Rhythm Programs regularly score highest in post-meeting surveys. We have 20 offices worldwide and are one of the world’s largest team building companies. All experiences are customized around theme and initiative. All experiences are unforgettable!

Whether you engage Drum Cafe for staff training, leadership and onboarding programs, or special events, the experience will deeply connect and inspire all who take part. People say it was the best team building event they’ve done in 20 years!

“Your drumming session brought unity, motivation and a wonderful sense of togetherness to our meeting. Thanks for the most memorable meeting ever!” -VP, Unilever.

Unite, Uplift, Inspire!