Dear Friends,

On behalf of Drum Cafe USA, we write to express our support for you, your loved ones and your teams as our great country and our world battle the pandemic that has so many of us living in isolation. For nearly 20 years, The Drum Cafe has been about fostering community through authentic relationships. We believe that our longevity is testament to the human need for connection. We, of course, facilitate that connection through the universal expression of music and rhythm.  While we are mired in these tough times that preclude us from coming together in person, please know that we continue to send love, peace and ‘good vibes’ into your homes and your places of work until we meet around the drum again! There is no doubt from our side that the need to jumpstart our work, schools and communities will come roaring back again very soon!     
In fact, many have not waited….We have been invited on more than one occasion to partake in virtual gatherings of our clients who wanted a connection beyond the digital. Just last Friday, an enterprise sales leader for a technology company invited us to join their ‘virtual happy hour’.  Her team from New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Orlando and parts in between pitter-pattered on desks, hit buckets with soup spoons, clapped their hands and shared their voices while we drummed the beat back into their lives over a Zoom teleconference room! Immediately after we logged off, Rebecca emailed:  

“Thank you so much for joining this afternoon–the entire team loved it. It’s been a tough week and this really helped bring everyone together. Thank you so much :)”
This is what we’re born to do for this world. It’s what we’ll continue to do for this world. We aren’t going anywhere…and we’ll see you all on other side of this!  

May you and yours remain safe and healthy ~

Dale Monnin, Aviva Nash, Jo-Ann Radus
Managing Partners
Drum Cafe USA