Unity & Alignment

The Formidable Force

Building a cohesive and motivated team in any sector is a huge challenge. The more people emotionally identify with the company's purpose and achievements, the more productive they become. Corporate team building creates a positive social environment to foster success in every employee.

If team members are engaged, and then aligned to the company mission and objectives, they will become high-performing teams. Drum Cafe not only brings experiential, high-performance leadership development activities, we facilitate the group to unlock the power of their own potential. When your high-performance teams are united and inspired through corporate team building, they are a formidable force.

Engage and align your team 

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Collaboration & Teamwork

Beyond Teambuilding

When Drum Cafe takes your team from chaos to cohesion in two minutes flat, the atmosphere in the room becomes highly charged, and the team potential becomes unlimited.

Drum Cafe's team training enriches your team with an enduring, inspiring, experiential element. Communication is improved through our interactive rhythm-based programming, and teams feel the power of alignment as they lock into phase and become one team, so much better together, and yet each person still feels personally valued and integral to their role and rhythm in the company's success.

Our positive teambuilding and team bonding events are impacting business culture world-wide.  Develop your Rhythm@Work 

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Change & Transformation

A Healthy Workforce is Change-Friendly

Organizations need to transform in order to survive the evolving business environment. But how can your teams find and maintain a strong center while people, systems and processes are shifting around them? The Drum Cafe corporate team building experience begins when people walk into a room, pick up a drum and do something most of them have never done before. Within minutes, the risk pays off. Within minutes, through specialized facilitation, they are all drumming in perfect unison. As a group, they are no longer risk averse. After corporate team building, they are focused, receptive, and the experience has only just begun.

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Leadership Development

Relationship Building

Through the binding power of rhythm and music, Drum Cafe USA's Leadership Development activities open a new listening and creative space for the senior leadership team to collaborate and innovate. The vitality of an organization is directly related to the health of its leadership. Leadership drives the company culture and is responsible for amplifying purpose and strategy. It is crucial that the leadership embody the values of the organization, and play as a team. When they drum as a group, they are playing as a team. The comradeship and support for each other creates a strong ripple-out effect throughout the company. Empowerment is palpable. The experience, unforgettable.

Explore Interactive Drumming for Leadership transformation

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Culture & Corporate Team Building

Make and Keep a Happy Workplace

How do you build a company culture that attracts and retains top talent? How do you invite new talent into an enticing company culture, while keeping existing, valuable talent engaged and striving? Drum Cafe USA's all-hands, device-free leadership development activities bring real connection and clear communication to your company. Our programs instill positivity and foster social connections. People are your company's most important asset, and when they are happy, focused and receptive, effective collaboration can thrive. Because work is a social experience, and happiness is the new productivity.

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