Large Events

Connecting Thousands In Minutes

Drum Cafe uses the binding power of rhythm to quickly align and enliven any size group. Imagine 2000 people drumming together in complete unison? This is truly unforgettable. Our customized Interactive Experience solves for Large Group Empowerment, Product Launches; and General Session Keynote or Teambuilding elements.

“Getting a crowd of 1500 attendees of all ages, from 16 countries, to make such a fantastic sound was a truly impressive feat. In 10 years of events I've never done a more successful team-building exercise on such a grand scale” World Event Management

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You Can’t Replace the Face to Face

The meeting is often the only time the team or company actually exists and works as a group. Drum Café’s unique method of experiential learning adds great value to departmental, divisional, or companywide meetings. We quickly align the group around mission and vision, improve learning and retention, and boost happiness. Drum Cafe builds in to the nine to five meeting agenda, particularly at high-impact moments like opening, closing, or following lunch.

“Your drumming session brought unity, motivation and a wonderful sense of togetherness to our meeting. Thanks for the most memorable meeting ever!” VP Unilever

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Drum Cafe’s retreat format is geared towards small groups and executive teams. The retreat environment is ideal for transformative leadership development. Our interactive programs broaden and enhance leadership capacity in a safe, intimate way, empowering individuals and strengthening teams.

"…as each group of leaders experienced the program, it connected to their emotions, drove a positive mindset, leveled the playing field regardless of their background, while inspiring them to be present and open to their developmental journey. Highly recommended!" Dun & Bradstreet

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Unite, Uplift, Inspire!

Drum Cafe’s all-inclusive experience is a great way to captivate your audience and transform your conference. Customized for annual sales meetings, recognition events, quarterly reviews or product launches, our programs are delivered with relevant and meaningful content, aligned with your call to action!

“The audience warmed up so quickly for such a conservative group of leaders, and before the first section was over they were all drumming, totally committed… one of the best parts of a three-day conference!” Pinerock

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The Drum Cafe Difference

Drum Cafe’s Keynote speakers bring next level motivation and inspiration to your company. We don’t use PowerPoint. We use drums! No experience necessary. Our customized Experiential Keynote maximizes the value of your General Session Keynote with a powerful, disruptive message that moves your team physically and emotionally, and optimizes listening, for new narratives to emerge.

“Breathtaking, memorable, and so inspiring!” Sanofi

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Performance & Entertainment

We Are The WOW Factor!

Drum Cafe’s Interactive Entertainment features world-class artists in unique, inclusive experiences. Our events bring power, surprise and WOW to any occasion. PERFORMANCE or INTERACTIVES are customized for special events, icebreakers; experiential marketing; multi-national; and very large events.

Call upon our elite team of conference performers to RAMP UP THE RHYTHM, AND ENERGIZE YOUR ROOM

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Schools & Non-profits (CSR)

Drum It Forward

Clinical studies have shown the power of the drum to relax the tense, energize the tired, and heal the emotionally wounded.  Since it’s inception, Drum Cafe has harnessed the healing power of interactive drumming to sponsor or assist in philanthropic projects around the globe.  

At Drum Cafe USA, we view our work with schools and non-profit groups as essential, not optional.  We invite you to consider our commitment to America’s Youth and Special Needs communities as an extension of your CSR.

Our School programs are custom-built for elementary to college levels.  Our TeenBuilding programs cultivate respect, build character; motivate for testing and nurture an overall culture of collaboration.  Partner with us to build your teams of tomorrow, today!

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