Dale Monnin

Dale Monnin is a founding member of the Drum Cafe in the USA. With a lifelong passion for drums, Dale realized a dream with this opportunity to meld his professional experience with the art of drumming to drive organizational health. With an MBA in International Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Dale spent the first half of his career working for Fortune 100 firm IBM, as well as other top global technology firms Parametric Technology (PTC) and NCR Corp. His role as Seller and Sales Leader for these corporate organizations serves him well as he works with Drum Cafe clients to co-create value-based programs that drive very specific outcomes, chief among them being Change Leadership/Management and high-performance Teamwork. In fact, Dale is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change to further support his work with Drum Cafe clients and his own consulting practice.  To augment his professional work, Dale has amazing sensibilities given his broad cultural and geo-political perspective, having worked on 4 continents building and developing cross-cultural teams in marketplaces as diverse as post-apartheid South Africa, the Pacific Rim, continental Europe and the UK. An avid traveler personally as well, his adventures have taken him through over 150 cities in more than 50 countries.  Now, after nearly 20 years of leading the Drum Cafe, Dale claims over 1,000 organizations as customers, having touched well over a million attendees…and growing.

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