Raise your hand if you’ve attended a corporate event and nearly nodded off from boredom. Raise your other hand if you’ve participated in a team-building activity that had you rolling your eyes. Chances are, at least one of your hands are up in the air.

To many, team-building feels like buzzword nonsense that makes everyone feel uncomfortable. The truth is, when done right, team-building activities can create positive company culture. The long-term impact is often an efficient workplace and a high level of productivity.

So, what activity can do all that without boring or embarrassing attendees at your next corporate event? Drop those raised hands on top of a drum.

Group drumming is a unique and unexpected activity that can energize and unite corporate event participants in a matter of minutes. The method can be used as an ice breaker, a break-out session, or to close a corporate event. Group drumming is interactive, all-inclusive and motivational for quality team-building. There is also no limit on numbers. This activity is effective for any number of participants from 10 to 10,000 or more.

Dynamics of Drumming

The simple act of drumming has been used for centuries to send messages and create bonds within groups. Interactive drumming breaks down barriers and transcends the differences among us as humans and individuals.

Here are some ways drumming can impact your next corporate event:

  • Apprehension is quickly replaced by enthusiasm. This is a great metaphor for embracing change and being open to new ideas.
  • Sessions build an immediate synergy within a group that can normally take a long time to develop.
  • Breaks down hierarchical barriers and creates a connection among every individual whether management or employee.
  • Stimulates and awakens all the senses – ideal for energizing weary conference attendees.
  • Can be used as a metaphor to tie in with event specific brand values, messages, themes and learning points.
  • Increases awareness of others — participants positively listen and respond to each other.
  • Enhances focus, clarity of thinking and receptiveness to outside influences.
  • Individuals feel the power and benefit of a group and can take a leading or supportive role.
  • The result is immediate — participants experience the positive and inspiring effect instantly, building confidence and team cohesiveness.

No musical or drumming training is necessary for this unique team-building experience. Drumming facilitators direct the crowd in an uplifting, visual, and certainly audible experience.

To learn more about effective team-building for you next corporate event, contact Drum Cafe USA today.