Drum Cafe is a global leader in fun team building activities, interactive training and diversity and inclusion events. Drum Cafe USA offers Team building, Leadership Development and Entertainment through Interactive drumming experiences.

Developed originally as a diversity and inclusion program to unite the multicultural workforce in the new South Africa, Drum Cafe has been committed to diversity training since 1998 and a major contributor to the shift towards a culture of collaboration in corporate communities, worldwide. Our fun team-building activities enlighten employers and employees in a direct experience of inclusion and diversity, breaking barriers, unlocking potential and effecting change. People become strengthened, not threatened, by their differences.

Group drumming is the original form of team building. For centuries, communities have used the drum as a tool for communication, celebration, conflict resolution and preparation for battle.

Drumming for your Next Event!

Do have a large group that needs team building DrumCafeUSA unites thousands in minutes ! Watch this short video to see how we do it!

Large Interactive Events

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Drum Cafe TEDx compilation

Interactive Drum Stick Program

DRUM CAFE has been described as the “quickest way to bring people together” creating a culture of collaboration? Unity Through RHYTHM – in 20 minutes or less

Entertainment & Performance

Interactive Entertainment and Performances – Galas, Fundraisers, Product launch, Conferences.